About Us

Welcome to Fost & Found Design Co! Fost & Found was started in 2016 as Krystal Lee Kreations and rebranded to Fost & Found in 2018!

So some in between info on how we came to be!

My husband and I got married in 2015 and knew we wanted to be parents right away! With my husband being diagnosed with Chrons disease, having biological children just wasn't a choice at the time. We knew we wanted to adopt at some point so we decided to became foster parents! We had no idea the world we were getting into. Being foster parents has opened our eyes, and our hearts so much! But with not knowing what type of children we would take into our home, we made the decision for me to stay home to better attend to their needs. Since mama needed a hobby to get her through the day, Fost & found was born! 

We want to thank everyone who has gotten us to this point! We wouldn't be here without you! 

**If you have any questions on Fostering or adoption please feel free to reach out!